Within the educational campaign for young people under the slogan: "My company is my choice and saving my future ...”MAPAS and representatives of pension companies since the beginning of the campaign until  11.12.2013 have visited 30 secondary schools in more cities across our country. Presentations were held in classes of secondary school students in the fourth year and were given information brochures. On the presentations was great attendance and interest from the young people to the topic for pension savings.

Also on 5.12.2013 MAPAS and representative from the pension company visited the Faculty of Economics - University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “ in Skopje and was held a presentation to the students and also informational brochure were given.  During the presentation were clarified their rights and responsibilities as potential future members in the reformed pension system, which includes their active role and decision-making.

The campaign continues next semester visiting secondary schools and colleges.