Agency for Supervision
of Fully Funded Pension Insurance

Privacy Policy

It is of the utmost importance that you protect your privacy when using the Internet, as well as insist that websites you visit respect your right to privacy.

Among other things, this means that websites need to inform precisely what personal information they collect about you and for what purposes. They should always get your consent before they start collecting, processing or publishing your personal information.

Your privacy is fully respected when you visit our website. We do not collect personal information about you unless you decide to send us an e-mail in which you voluntarily provide your personal information (name, surname, contact information). The Internet nature is such that it passively and automatically collects data on Internet users’ habits which are identified through their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. These IP addresses are different for each Internet user and are assigned by ISPs. The IP address alone is not enough to identify a person, but in cooperation with ISPs it is possible to find out exactly who the person is. The IP address is therefore considered personal data and is protected by law.

Our website visitors’ personal data that have been obtained for processing requests and complaints are available only to the MAPAS employees and only for the above mentioned purpose. MAPAS employees are legally obliged to keep all information confidential (including personal data) that will be obtained during their duties performance.

MAPAS cannot fully guarantee electronic communications privacy and therefore please do not send sensitive personal data via e-mail. If necessary, send such data by mail to the address listed in the CONTACT section.

Server logs: Our servers automatically record visit information on our website. These records are statistical indicators that we use to improve the site, through which we follow visitors’ habits and preferences to our site, in order to improve its quality and the services it offers. Your IP address, browser type, operating system type, site visit duration and the content you view are recorded as aggregate statistics. We do not use this data in combination with any other data to identify certain individuals. However, we reserve the right to review these records and use the recorded data for security reasons, such as detecting intrusions into the MAPAS computer system. Comparing this data with the data that ISPs have (by using the IP address) can identify the perpetrator of such a crime.

“Cookies” are small text files that are saved on your computer to monitor your browser movement by the website. On MAPAS website there is only this type of “Cookies” that disappear after the browser is turned off, unlike those that remain stored on your computer for years or even decades. With the help of such files MAPAS monitors the visitors’ movement to the web site and through it, thus collecting data on how to optimize and improve the web site functionality. These files are not related to your personal information that you have provided to us.

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