Agency for Supervision
of Fully Funded Pension Insurance

Personal data update

In order to deliver the regular annual notifications accurately and on time (green envelope) to its members, it is of particular importance that the members of the second and third pillar update their personal data. Pension fund members can update or correct their data in one of the following ways:

  1. Written Request Update – by filling in the Update request / personal data correction. Thereby, for the purpose of request submitter personal identification, the company performs:
    • Member personal identification document direct inspection by a authorized person by the company or agent;
    • Telephone contact with the member, providing a recording of the conversation;
  1. Update via website – through its electronic system on the website, the company allows a pension fund member to update their personal data: name, surname, and address of residence, place of residence, postal code, and place of correspondence, postal correspondence code, correspondence address, telephone and e-mail. Thereby, the company provides electronic identification and verification of the authorization of the person who wants to update the data.
  2. Telephone contact update with the pension companies – a pension fund member may update and / or correct the data related to the residential address or the correspondence address by calling pension companies contact telephone numbers. The company identifies the member and provides a conversation recording.
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