Agency for Supervision
of Fully Funded Pension Insurance


The Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance works in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other bodies and institutions in the country and abroad, to ensure an effective supervision and regulation of the fully funded pension insurance and the financial sector. The scope, content and the form of the cooperation are mutually regulated between the Agency and competent bodies and institutions.

  •  Securities Exchange Commission – signed January, 2006;
  • Macedonian Stock Exchange – signed March 2006;
  • Central Securities Depository – signed March 2006;
  • National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia – signed February 2007;
  • Ministry of Interior – signed March 2007;
  • Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Macedonia – signed December 2007
  • Office for Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing- signed in January 2009
  • Agency for Insurance Supervision – signed in December 2010
  • Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission – signed April 2004;
  • Agency for Supervision of Pension Funds and Insurance from the Republic of Croatia – signed November 2005;
  • Insurance Supervision Agency from Republic of Slovenia – signed September 2007;
  • Polish Financial Supervision Authority – signed November 2005.
  • Pension Monitoring Center, Turkey – signed October 2009
  • Private Pension System Supervision Commission, Romania – signed September 2012
  • Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo – supervision of financial instiutions– signed November 2012
  • Body for Financial Supervision (AMF) of the Republic of Albania – signed in January 2013
  • Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Authority (IPRSA) of the Republic of Türkiye, signed March 2023

Since March 2007, MAPAS is a member of IOPS – International Organization of Pension Supervisors.

Besides the above-mentioned institutions the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance collaborates with other institutions from the country and abroad in order to protect the interest of the pension funds members and with some of them is in the process of signing the cooperation agreements.  The list shall be updated with every new signing of collaboration agreements.

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