Agency for Supervision
of Fully Funded Pension Insurance

MAPAS Bodies

President of the Council of experts

Maksud Ali

Members of the MAPAS Council of experts \ Professional engagement:

Mentor Jakupi

Darko Sazdov

Members of the MAPAS Council of experts \ External member:

Borce Bozinoski

Marina Makenadzieva

President of the experts:

  •  runs MAPAS , represents the Agency in relations with third parties ;
  • make a decision on the type and extent of control of pension funds , custodian and foreign asset manager, insurer and the Center for Electronic System for listing under the annual program for implementation of controls adopted by the Council of Experts ;
  • submits an application or authorizes a person to file an application for initiating proceedings before the competent authority for acts that are punishable by law ;
  • And perform other duties entrusted to the statute law and other acts of MAPAS.

Council of experts MAPAS performs the following tasks associated with operation of MAPAS:

  • adopt the statute MAPAS ;
  • adopt regulations for internal work organization and job systematization of MAPAS ;
  • adopted financial plan and financial statements;
  • authorizing the request and consent of the pension funds under the law ;
  • adopt regulations to implement this law and other laws in its jurisdiction;
  • adopt the annual work program of MAPAS ;
  • And performs other duties determined by law and statute MAPAS.
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