Agency for Supervision
of Fully Funded Pension Insurance

Pension Companies Agents

A pension company can conclude a membership agreement, a transfer agreement or an agreement for programmed withdrawals with a physical entity only through its agent.

An agent can be a person employed in a mandatory pension funds management company, in a mandatory and voluntary pension funds management company or in a voluntary pension funds management company  and another person who is contractually engaged by a pension company.

The pension company works on the mandatory pension funds marketing can be performed by a person after their registration in the agents’ register.

There may be a person registered in the agents’ register who meets the following conditions:

  • To be a citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia or if a foreigner to have a regulated status of a foreigner in the Republic of Macedonia in accordance to the law;
  • Not to have been imposed a misdemeanor sanction prohibited from performing a profession, activity or duty in the areas of economy, finance, insurance, banking and law;
  • To have completed secondary education at least;
  • To have passed the agent examination at the Agency
  • Not to be employed in: the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of North Macedonia, the Health Insurance Fund of North Macedonia, the Employment Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Public Revenue Office and temporary employment agencies.

The agent may perform mandatory pension funds marketing activities managed only by one company. The agent is obliged to reregister, in order to perform in the future mandatory pensions funds marketing activities managed by other companies.

The Agency prescribes the manner and procedure for passing the Agent Exam and the manner and procedure for person’s registration in the agent register.

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