Agency for Supervision
of Fully Funded Pension Insurance


Financial education is a process by which financial consumers / investors improve their knowledge regarding financial products, concepts and risks and, through information, training and in-depth advice, gain knowledge and skills about financial risks and opportunities.

The risk of making unsustainable financial decisions as a consequence of insufficient financial literacy has a negative impact on the financial sector, as well as on the pension system, as one of the most important segments of the social security system.

In order to inform the general public about fully funded pension insurance as an important social and financial topic for every citizen and in the same time increasing pension awareness about the rights and obligations arising from the second and third pillar membership, the Fully Funded Pension Insurance Supervision Agency – MAPAS , implements several types of activities through:

  • Celebrating “Pension Awareness Day – September 15”;
  • Organizing educational lectures in high schools and faculties;
  • Organizing of national and international conferences dedicated to financial education and literacy;
  • Preparing educational materials (leaflets and newsletter);
  • Frequently asked questions newsletter;
  • If it is too early for retirement, it is not early for mk.
  • E-MAPAS newsletter publication;
  • Participation in rallies, forums, radio and TV shows, etc.
  • Cooperation with international institutions and organizations dedicated to creating policies for financial inclusion and education, as well as strategic documents preparation.

Financial education enables future and current members to acquire financial literacy that will enable them to make the right decision when choosing a pension company, pension fund and pension product. Timely information on the pension system situation will enable them to make a decision at the right time and ask for help in the right place, but also to take other effective activities to improve their financial well-being and pension savings that will allow them safe retirement days.

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